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magneticphoneholder.shop is where you can find the top and the best range of magnetic phone holders ever and when it comes to this we are the elite suppliers. We hope you’ll like it as much as we do and have a great shopping experience here. Our prime goal is to create a shop in which you can easily find magnetic phone holder where you can easily put your phone and communicate while driving, easily stick it to the wall for video or selfie, stick in the bathroom while shower, put it to the gym wall and do your workouts while watching some training programs. The types of magnetic phone holders that we have in offer are as follows: CAR AIR VENT PHONE HOLDER - small and very discreet, this holder can be installed within seconds and once installed well look out a place provided with the holder itself a two adhesive metal plates which can be placed on the back of your phone or between your phone and a case. This allows for supremely quick mounting and a hole that won`t interfere with the side buttons and charging something which can occur with other more traditional holders. Magnetic holder is supremely strong and can even hold the largest of the modern smartphones with or without a case attached. 360 DEGREE MAGNETIC PHONE HOLDER - 360 rotation making an ideal way to view to your set-nav apps while driving. Overall a very solid choice the magnetic hold mount allows for quick one-handed mounting and supreme compatibility. DASHBOARD & WALLS MAGNETIC PHONE HOLDER - Extremely popular and most commonly used magnetic phone holders in this period. This option complements your device and car surroundings perfectly mounting quickly to a 3M pad by placing this on your dashboard you can instantly create a mounting option for your holder. UNIVERSAL PHONE HOLDERS- It`s an awesome product and works really well. There is a little metal piece that you actually put on the phone or a case and then you have this ball that mounts on your dashboard, it doesn`t matter where you want to place your phone and then this is a kind of an intern magnetic piece that sticks to your phone and on the ball mount. When you get your phone on it, it sticks immediately so it got the magnets but also has this rubber ring. MAGNETIC PHONE CASE - Phone cases with magnets and can be attached anywhere and for any kind of phone.

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