Car Dock / Dash Phone Holder – Top 5 Magnetic Phone Holders 2019

Car dock with dash phone holder and the top 5 Magnetic Phone Holders 2019 featuring car air vent phone holder, dashboard & walls magnetic phone holder

Today we will be taking a look at some of the best phone holders for the car. Before we get started I just like to point at that these holders are just brand new and most recent ones in the worldwide market. Kicking off with our lineup we have as follows below;

Car Air Vent Phone Holder

Car Dock / Dash Phone Holder - Top 5 Magnetic Phone Holders 2019

Car Dock – Car air vent phone holder does not look like much but it is amazing what it is capable of, you can slot into any vent of your car as it works both horizontal and vertical vents. This car dock is handy if you change your car over time or want to mount it into a different car, the process of set-up is really simple, all you need to do is stick one of the adhesives to the back of your phone or case and you`re all good to go, the whole effect that it has on your phone is incredible and it works well even with the recent larger phones and design is really very subtle and simple which is something we really like as it blends right in and does not stand out too much in the car. In this car dock you also have the option of portrait and landscape view of your phone which I find it to be really useful for navigation. Overall this is a nice little accessory and does the job with no issues. So if you ask what is the best in car phone holder, I would suggest this is one of the best and easy to carry.


Car Dock

Universal Phone Holder magnetic mount is very small in size and mounts to the advent of your car. The settle process is easy where you just attach the metal disk to the back of your phone or phone case and you are good to go. This car dock holder comes with 2 discs in the box so if you change your phone or case and you need to reapply you can do this which I think is great value for money. This feels like a really solid holder and you can tell by first glance that it is a good quality accessory and its something which you would expect from an official product. I really like the spring-loaded buttons here that open and close the attachment, these allow you to have the snug fit whether you are using holder in the horizontal or vertical air vent. This is perfect for anybody wanting a simple yet effective holder for your phone when you are out on the road.

You will find much information about Phone holders all over the internet and some most relevant ones to your liking as well, you may take a look at an article from Clutchit explaining about Universal car phone holders and their advantages

Dashboard & Walls Magnetic Phone Holder

Car Dock

Car dock – Dashboard & Walls Magnetic Phone Holders are simple to position the holder stands at an ideal angle for viewing the maps app on your mobile device which will minimize the likelihood of missing your next turn you can not see. For internal magnets, you will notice how tightly they secure your phone. You can choose this dash phone holder from 3 colours all that rotate 360 degrees however adhesive could be stickier. Our newest choices can only be seen at These car dock holders have little swivel in it, actually have like 3M tape and are pretty cool and it is a little bit different because what you can do is if you have something that is like sitting pretty much vertically you can just go on and stick onto that, referring to the car dashboard, where can swivel the holder all around. As long as you have the smooth flat surface somewhere you can stick onto that and hold onto it a little bit just to get a solid grip before you stick your phone to that. The same applies for the magnetic holders for walls where you can stick the holder onto any surface, hold on to it tightly to get a grip on it and then you put your phone to it. The only difference is that these car dock wall mounts do not have a swivel.

360 Degree Magnetic Phone Holder

Car Dock

Car Dock 360 Degree Magnetic Phone Holder has just released as a new product from and super excited to share this product because I love magnetic car mounts and this is my new favourite one. If you haven`t checked out our latest products yet just click here to see and choose the one which best suits you. Lets take a look at the actual car mount so you will see the 3m adhesive on the back and there is a little ball joint so you just flex it about to change the different position of your phone but what I love about this is you actually have to put a little force into it to move it , that is really good because that means that when you are driving about and going over bumps your phone will not easily change positions and fall or whatever but that is the magnetic function at work so the actual car mount is the piece that is magnetic but that little piece that attaches to your phone is actually just a piece of metal, that is a really really smart functionality.

How to Install It

Installation is super easy just peel off the back of the sticker, find where you want to put it then press it down nice and firmly and just hold it there for a few seconds and there you go, your mount stuck in your car as you see in the picture above. You can flex it a little bit so that you can check it out, then put your phone onto the pad and rotate at any angle you want and that is why it is called 360. what is also cool is that this little metal piece that is on your phone really does not add much bulk or just looks in the phone I guess it really does not bother you at all that it is stuck on the back of the phone and it acutally acts as a nice little anchor for your fingers to hold on to when you are holding your phone. With core 360 piece it is a very thin little metal piece that just sticks to your phone so what is cool about it is that you do not have that annoyance of demagnetizing your cards but you still get the awesome functionality of having a magnetic car mount kit.

Magnetic Phone Case

Magnetic Phone Case is something which does not have all the fancy stuff like extra battery or extra storage or any of that additional super cool stuff but it is still awesome because it has got magnet in it and then you get this little magnet strips with it that allows you to mount it pretty much anywhere you want. The case feels really nice and it is super smooth, sturdy and the edge got to like something of an additional grip which is actually pretty nice. The case is actually 2 millimeters thick in most cases, so that entire back of the case is not magnet basically it has 3 strips of magnets on the sides. Magnetic Phone Case is a very common product amongst people all over the world for easy convenience.

Magnetic Phone Holders Demand In The Worldwide Market

If you take a look at the Google Trends chart below it shows that demand for Magnetic Phone holder is still on a high and many people need the best and the most quality ones that we provide at

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